Haiku #42 // Spread your wings

The bird spreads its wings

He sees the future ahead

The wind brushes past


I want someone

I want someone I don’t have to fight for

Not because no one else wants them, but because they’re already fighting for me

I want someone who loves me for me, who loves me back

I want someone who loves me undoubtedly, endlessly

Someone who yearns to have intelligent conversations with me

Who expresses their love for me in their actions

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My most embarrassing moment of college so far… Falling down a hill

My most embarrassing moment of college so far… Falling down a hill

The university I attend has a lot of hills, which can be really pretty, but also really exhausting if you’re not used to much … or any physical activity like me. There is a really big hill right in front of my residence hall. It has quickly become my favorite spot on campus to get away to and relax in the nicely shaded greenery, even though I’ve only been here less than 4 days. It’s also a nice spot to people watch. I even saw a student running up the steep hill like it was no big deal – pretty impressive! While on the phone with my mom, I spot one of my guy friends, Griffin, from high school walking into my residence hall. I’ve been trying to cross paths with him a couple times, but it just hadn’t worked out. I really wanted to talk to him about my first couple days at college, so I decide to say a quick “goodbye” to my mom and start running down this hill!

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