Thanks, Papa: A Reflective Essay Regarding Race Relations

By: Bailey Hendricks, February 2017

I was born and raised in a county in Maryland known for its abundance of farm land and flannel wearing- tractor-riding folk. In school, I wasn’t exposed to very much diversity other than the one black person in my grade and the one history lesson we learned each year about Martin Luther King Junior to answer kids’ questions about why we didn’t have school the next day. The diversity and differing culture I was exposed to, however, came from my own home. My mom married an Indian man named Savio in the summer of 2007.

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26 things I learned in 2016

1.      This year I went to my senior prom and learned sometimes you have to be the heart-breaker. I learned being friends with someone isn’t possible when they have feelings for you, and sometimes it’s nice to go to a dance alone.

2.      After going to my senior cruise, I learned some friendships aren’t meant to last forever, but some are.

3.      After painting two large murals painted by myself in my high school I learned that channeling your energy into creating a piece for others to enjoy for years to come is humbling. I also learned to stick with my gut, and never back down from what I think is right.

4.      Finishing up being Editor-in-Chief of my high school paper taught me how to be a leader and how to write with a fiery, burning passion.

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My Favorite Shows to watch on Netflix

Gilmore Girls (and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life) – Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows of all time. From the music, to the tender mother-daughter relationship between Lorelei and Rory, to watching Rory grow up, to seeing the characters’ relationships with Emily and Richard evolve, I recommend Gilmore Girls wholeheartedly. This is a great type of show to watch with your mom. I enjoyed the Netflix revival as well, and am hoping for more episodes in the future! Continue reading

My most embarrassing moment of college so far… Falling down a hill

My most embarrassing moment of college so far… Falling down a hill

The university I attend has a lot of hills, which can be really pretty, but also really exhausting if you’re not used to much … or any physical activity like me. There is a really big hill right in front of my residence hall. It has quickly become my favorite spot on campus to get away to and relax in the nicely shaded greenery, even though I’ve only been here less than 4 days. It’s also a nice spot to people watch. I even saw a student running up the steep hill like it was no big deal – pretty impressive! While on the phone with my mom, I spot one of my guy friends, Griffin, from high school walking into my residence hall. I’ve been trying to cross paths with him a couple times, but it just hadn’t worked out. I really wanted to talk to him about my first couple days at college, so I decide to say a quick “goodbye” to my mom and start running down this hill!

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What I’ve learned my first two days of college

What I’ve learned my first two days of college: Advice and reminders

  • Stop judging everyone so quickly. They are all just trying to fit in and do their best, just like you.
  • It’s important to remember everyone’s names. Or at least make your best effort to.
  • It will all be okay. College is here and it’s scary and it’s overwhelming and stressful, but you got this. This is what the school system has been training you for your entire life.

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35 Things I wish I knew as a Freshman

35 things I wish I knew as a freshman in high school…

1.)   It’s okay to transfer out of a class. Chances are if your teacher doesn’t take your class seriously, it will be hard for you to.

2.)   If you start an activity as a freshman, you don’t have to stay there until you’re a senior just because everyone else does. If you don’t like something, change it.

3.)   Don’t get yourself worked up. Yes, stress can build up into even bigger stress, but try to reduce this from happening by only looking at one problem at a time.

4.)   Find what you love and stick to it. This may take a couple of tries, and you may not know what you love at first, but once you find it you’ll know.

5.)   Date in high school if you can. It sucks sometimes. (Heartbreak, Drama, etc.) But the lessons you learn when dating young will help you know what you will and won’t put up with in future partners.

6.)   Friendships are very hard work. All relationships are.

7.)   True friends will always come back to you and will be understanding and forgiving when you deserve to be forgiven.

8.)   Don’t cry over a guy. Especially not in front of him.

9.)   Never settle your morals for a friend or a guy.

10.)   When walking in the hallway, keep your chin up. If you look confident, you’ll feel confident.

11.)   Always make small talk with the “underdogs” they tend to have the best stories.

12.)   Always wave at people you know in the hallway. Not only does it make them feel good to have a friend care about them enough to wave, but it makes you feel good to see them happy. And chances are, they will be more inclined to say hello to you in the hallway next time they see you too. It’s a beautiful never-ending cycle.

13.)   Grades might not be everything, but it’s important to challenge yourself. If you talk to your teacher and they say you should take an AP class – take it! Being in classes that are too easy for you will get boring, and challenging courses look good on your transcript! Win-win!

14.)   Never let anyone tell you “you can’t.”

15.)   If you want something bad enough, you’ll work for it. If you don’t, then you will pay the consequences.

16.)   Deadlines are super important. If you don’t meet them, you’ll be behind and it will be hard to catch up.

17.)   Admit to your mistakes. No one is perfect, and it’s okay to make mistakes once in a while, even though it sucks. You’re human. Admitting to your mistakes will help you move forward. It’s the noble thing to do.

18.)   Never compare yourself to other people. You are not them.

19.)   Never make assumptions about anyone. For example, the guy who gets made fun of for being smelly might not have access to running water. Even if you think you know everything about someone, you definitely don’t.

20.)   Stick up for the underdog. Don’t just be a bystander. You have the chance to impact someone’s life for the better. Take the opportunity to make a change.

21.)   If you don’t like something, then get up and make a change. If you don’t do anything about it, what makes you think anyone else will?

22.)   Don’t hold grudges – it’s really not worth it. It’s harming you more than anything else. You’ll feel so much better when you learn to let go.

23.)   Never settle for anything! Does this store not have the Lindt chocolates you were looking for? Don’t settle for chocolate raisins instead! You deserve the fancy kind. This is true for people too.

24.)   It is okay to treat yourself every once in a while. You work hard, you deserve a break.

25.)   It’s normal to feel out of place somewhere at first. Trust me, you’re not the only person feeling this way.

26.)   Remember people’s names. Nothing feels worse than having to repeat your name to someone after having already met them. They will remember that you knew their name and it will make them feel special.

27.)   If someone walks out of your life, don’t chase after them. You’ll make yourself look dumb. They chose to leave. They didn’t have to. If it’s meant to be, life will guide them back to you. Don’t take it personally either. Sometimes life turns into a Nicholas Sparks movie and there’s nothing you can do about it.

28.)   Choose your battles. Sometimes it’s just better to let it go and save your energy for when you really need it.

29.)   Yellow is a great color on you. You should wear it more, you smile more when you do.

30.)   Remember your parents are getting older too. Don’t forget to love them right. Tell them you appreciate them, and always kiss them goodnight.

31.)   Every moment you have on Earth is not guaranteed, so cherish all that you can.

32.)   Take every opportunity that comes your way. Learn to say “yes” more.

33.)   Brush your teeth twice a day, and floss every once in a while. Older you will thank you!

34.)   Actually study for your SATs and ACTs! Those things are actually kind of important.

35.)   It’s true what your parents say – high school goes by way too fast. Enjoy every second of it, soon you’ll have to go out in the real world and you’ll miss all the little things you had to conquer when you were here.