26 things I learned in 2016

1.      This year I went to my senior prom and learned sometimes you have to be the heart-breaker. I learned being friends with someone isn’t possible when they have feelings for you, and sometimes it’s nice to go to a dance alone.

2.      After going to my senior cruise, I learned some friendships aren’t meant to last forever, but some are.

3.      After painting two large murals painted by myself in my high school I learned that channeling your energy into creating a piece for others to enjoy for years to come is humbling. I also learned to stick with my gut, and never back down from what I think is right.

4.      Finishing up being Editor-in-Chief of my high school paper taught me how to be a leader and how to write with a fiery, burning passion.

5.      Getting into the National English Honors Society thanks to my all-time favorite teacher taught me that sometimes unfortunately the best things are what’s enjoyed the least amount of time.

6.      Winning a National Art Honors Society scholarship taught me that sometimes you might not feel recognized or appreciated in some aspects of your life, but you are in others.

7.      Getting into a fight with someone I looked up to taught me that just because someone is older than me, it doesn’t mean they are more mature, or wiser than me.

8.      Graduating high school taught me that sometimes you have to say goodbye, but sometimes, you just have to say goodbye for now.

9.      Doing my first solo road trip alone with my best friend and crossing the Bay Bridge taught me that the only thing stopping me from doing what I want to do is my own mind.

10.  Getting my wisdom teeth out showed me that there’s nothing better than having your mom take care of you, especially when you’re most vulnerable.

11.  Turning 18 I learned that age is but a number – just because you can do certain things doesn’t mean you should.

12.  Getting employee of the quarter at T.J. Maxx taught me that even when you think no one notices your hard work, they do.

13.  Starting and ending a relationship in 2016 taught me how great it feels to be single sometimes, and that sometimes people aren’t always who you make them out to be.

14.  Starting college in 2016 taught me I can do anything, but now that I’m older sometimes doing anything will be harder than it used to be.

15.  Becoming a Staff Writer for the Towerlight taught me how important it is to show your face, and make it known you want something.

16.  Moving out of a toxic environment taught me thatnot all problems are fixable – sometimes you need to know when to leave a situation.

17.  Helping my brother move to Indiana made me realize that now I’m getting older, nothing – holidays, vacations, seeing family, or otherwise – will be the same again. Change comes with age.

18.  Voting for the first time taught me how important it is to be a well-informed citizen, and to exercise your rights.

19.  Saying goodbye to my childhood cat taught me nothing lasts forever – even memories will fade, so it’s important to love and appreciate the time you have now.

20.  Getting my first paid internship taught me the importance of networking and being professional. Knowing the right people will get you in the door, but doing a good job will be what makes you stay.

21.  Becoming Assistant News Editor of the Towerlight showed me how cool it was to do something that would even impress myself. It taught me it’s important to show your passions, and do everything you do well, and speak nicely to everyone you see.

22.  Surviving my first semester of college taught me I can no longer just slide by, to be successful I need to put my mind to it, and work hard.

23. I learned writing poetry is my escape, it’s what helps me analyze my experiences

24. I learned it’s hard to see old friends move on from you, but that sometimes it’s for the best.

25. I became a master of goodbyes, and ate my emotions.

26.  Ringing in the new year with my best friend taught me how important it is to keep in contact with old friends, that you never truly know how much they might need you.


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