I want someone

I want someone I don’t have to fight for

Not because no one else wants them, but because they’re already fighting for me

I want someone who loves me for me, who loves me back

I want someone who loves me undoubtedly, endlessly

Someone who yearns to have intelligent conversations with me

Who expresses their love for me in their actions

Someone I can go to when I feel small

Who will lift me up, make me shine, make me feel big again

I want a best friend, a person with all the drive in the world

Who has dreams and hopes and goals and aspirations

Who will grow old with me

Who will love me with no other motives, with no selfishness

Who just loves me because they feel it so passionately inside them

I want someone who will push the hair back that was hiding my face from the world,

Look me in the eye, and tell me I will move mountains

Someone who will look at me with eyes of astonishment

Not because I need validation to go on in life

Not because I can’t do this alone,

But because the world can be a scary place and

Having someone by my side through it all would make it that much



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