Feeling like a small fish

Been thinking a lot about how things used to be

I feel every emotion suddenly

When I think of you and I

The times we shared – My oh my

I miss everything about you

And nothing at the same time

I say wish I had my friends back and you back too

We all left to what we thought was bigger and better things

We thought we were going into something revolutionary

And who knows maybe we are but in this moment

I’m feeling lost and suddenly know what they mean by

A small fish in a big pond

I’m swimming away towards everything I knew to something…

Something different. Am I swimming fast enough, hard enough?

Am I doing all this swimming for my own benefit?

I’m not even sure what I’m expecting at the end of my swim

It feels like I’m swimming aimlessly

That all I’m doing isn’t getting me anywhere

That no matter how fast I swim,

The pond will keep getting bigger and the fish will turn to sharks

I don’t want to get swallowed up

But I do want to make a difference, so I will continue

My gills will grow stronger with each mile and I’ll get there

I’ll miss my old friends, but the true school of fish has been there all along

I can do it they say. They tell me to continue with each wave

And that I will. I will conquer

And I won’t stop


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