I want someone

I want someone I don’t have to fight for

Not because no one else wants them, but because they’re already fighting for me

I want someone who loves me for me, who loves me back

I want someone who loves me undoubtedly, endlessly

Someone who yearns to have intelligent conversations with me

Who expresses their love for me in their actions

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Be Heard Town Hall discusses free speech, mental health

This piece was written for “The Towerlight” at Towson University as a Staff Writer. Check out this, and other stories from The Towerlight here:


The student government’s latest ‘Be Heard’ town hall meeting, hosted Oct. 26 in the Chesapeake Ballrooms, focused on free speech in higher education and the treatment of mental health in students of color and marginalized groups on campus.

These topics were chosen under advisement from students who shared concerns at last month’s meeting. Those students wanted to know ways Towson supports students around different mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, due to violence happening specifically to black people across the country.

The first panel started with Chief Legal Officer Traevena Byrd, from Towson’s Office of General Counsel, who said that Towson can’t enact certain disciplinary responses regarding offensive language because it is a public school.

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