My most embarrassing moment of college so far… Falling down a hill

My most embarrassing moment of college so far… Falling down a hill

The university I attend has a lot of hills, which can be really pretty, but also really exhausting if you’re not used to much … or any physical activity like me. There is a really big hill right in front of my residence hall. It has quickly become my favorite spot on campus to get away to and relax in the nicely shaded greenery, even though I’ve only been here less than 4 days. It’s also a nice spot to people watch. I even saw a student running up the steep hill like it was no big deal – pretty impressive! While on the phone with my mom, I spot one of my guy friends, Griffin, from high school walking into my residence hall. I’ve been trying to cross paths with him a couple times, but it just hadn’t worked out. I really wanted to talk to him about my first couple days at college, so I decide to say a quick “goodbye” to my mom and start running down this hill!

There are people hanging out in front of the building and walking to the Union for dinner (needless to say it was a busy time of day). Before I even knew it my feet were starting to go faster and faster down the hill – faster than I could control or keep up with. Then it happened. After passing two cute college boys, I fall. I fell right in the middle of the road. Embarrassed and slowly processing what had actually just happened, I lay in the middle of the road thinking “fuck my life.”  The guys in awe, ask if I’m okay while I’m still laying there in the road. I tell them I’m totally fine and decide to get up before I get run over. When I get up I see everyone looking at me, asking if I’m okay. I see Griffin, and his jaw is to the floor. He is shocked to have seen and heard what just happened. At last I catch up to him, and try playing it off like nothing happened, but he interrupts me to say “Um, did you just fall down the hill?” Sarcastic, embarrassed, and playful I say, “What? No! I didn’t fall down!”

I look down to my elbow and there is blood dripping down. Using my hands and elbows to try to catch my fall, I am scraped up, bleeding, and in shock this actually happened. I mean it is hard enough being a freshman dealing with your first week of college! It was such a hard fall that the eyelets on my Converse got all scraped up and one of them is totally bent out of shape.

But I’m okay. Griffin made sure I was bandaged up and I used the first aid kit my mom packed me. I’m just writing this to warn you – do NOT try running down a hill.

WARNING: If you are squeamish to blood, scabs and/or bent eyelets, please exit this story now. Pictures to follow:

img_1857     img_1855



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