Rupi Kaur is an inspiration // Milk and Honey Review

Milk and Honey was the best poetry book I have ever read.

As an amateur poet myself, seeing Rupi Kaur, a young woman only 5 years older than me write a book that was able to connect with, and touch the hearts of so many people is truly inspiring.

Reading poetry helps me find inspiration in my own writings, and also connect with the content the author is trying to convey.

I have never enjoyed reading a poet’s pieces as much as I enjoyed reading Rupi Kaur’s. The rhythm she gives her poems fits perfectly with the emotion she tries to show in the corresponding poems. This is shown evident in her spoken word poetry performances. The rhythm given to the words she speaks is almost like a mesmerizing song. But these poems are different than most I read. I am actually able to feel so many emotions reading the different chapters in her book, “Milk and Honey.” Her poems allowed me to connect with them on a deep, emotional level, and I found myself not able to put down the book! I just keep reading and reading through.

I’m not the type of person to reread books; however, this is definitely a book I will reread. When I’m feeling sorrow, loss, love, healing, or happiness, I know there will be a poem for me to love and connect with. I plan on rereading the book again and marking my favorites to go back to when I’m feeling any of these things.

I would like to thank Rupi Kaur for being such an inspiration to young poets and writers out there. It is my dream to do what she has done – publish my poetry and have it be as successful as hers. Not only is she inspiring for her ability to write amazing poetry, but also for spreading feminism into the world and touching on sensitive topics in her book such as rape, growing up with dark skin, living with a struggling relationship with her father, etc. Being able to open up about these sometimes “taboo” topics is sure to help many young men and women in the world.

I highly recommend this book to anyone. Thank you Rupi Kaur for coming out with this book. I have much respect for her. This will be the type of book I will carry in my purse and read in any situation.

Rupi Kaur’s website:

Rupi Kaur Spoken Word Conformance Example: (From Enbridge Presents The Walrus Talks Resilience at Blue Metropolis. Recorded April 13, 2016, in Montreal)


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