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This design was inspired by  user EdwardMiller’s piece “Lighthouse / Compass” he posted on deviantART.


After I kissed you I cried

After I kissed you I cried

There was no electricity between us

I’m not sure what you felt

By my oh my, I don’t think it was a spark

I went home and cried

Disappointed nothing was there perhaps

It made me realize my feelings I have for the other guy

May never go away

He’ll always be someone special to me

In my heart he’ll always have a place to stay

Sorry for letting you down

But I did give you a chance or two

And I don’t owe anything to you

I didn’t take a shower

Last night I didn’t take a shower

It was too late past the twelfth hour

Instead of sleeping I’ve been thinking of you

And quite honestly it makes me pretty blue

I’ve been up all night worried about what the future has to hold

And what will happen when I grow old

I forgot to put on deodorant. I think I might stink

But If I waste any time the day will be over before I blink

It appears my life is not at the best place

But I have dreams that someone needs to chase

Waiting for you

There’s something in my heart telling me to wait for you

Telling me to hold on to what we’ve been through

I know it’s probably foolish to assume you feel the same as I

But the passion we had that night isn’t something you can deny

You’re so far away, but I love you all the same

I miss you my dear, and it isn’t just your good looks to blame

You make my heart skip a beat

You send butterflies to my feet

I can’t wait to see you any longer

Although I know your time away has made my love for you even stronger