Playlist as a Memior

  1. “First” (3:20) by Cold War Kids from Hold my home

Description of song – This is an upbeat, Alternative Rock song. The drums and guitar chords in the background make for a really great beat that makes you want to sing along. It has several musical pickups throughout the song that matches the singer’s angst in his lyrics.

Personal meaning of song – This song is about how the singer gets excited when he meets the girl of his dreams, but she makes him feel “cheated and lied” to. He says how she made a vow not to get mad at him and she broke it. He uses number of metaphors throughout the song to help describe how horrible these feelings he’s having because of this girl who he thinks is irreplaceable are.

Explanation of what the song shows about me – Experientially, this song shows my spontaneous side coming through, and reminds me of a great time with an old friend. The first time I heard this song was when I was driving alone for the first time after I got my license. It came on the radio and I went from just driving along to feeling like I was crusin’ in style. I felt pretty cool listening to this song with its steady beat that builds up and gets you pumped. I also associate this song with one of my best friends, because soon after hearing it for the first time, I showed it to them when they were driving me home late at night after having the best day ever with each other.

2. “No Scrubs” (3:40) by TLC from FanMail

Description of song – This is an R&B song that starts out with a few tranquil sounding guitar chords, followed by some rap lyrics, with a faster tempo and followed by an upbeat sounding chorus that makes you want to shake your shoulders and dance along with it.

Personal meaning of song – The artist is saying how she doesn’t want any “scrubs.” Throughout the song she complains about these types of people and how she doesn’t want to date them. She describes, “A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly, And is also known as a buster, Always talkin’ about what he wants, And just sits on his broke ass.” She doesn’t want to talk to a guy who just sits around without a job or money who is still living with his mom.

Explanation of what the song shows about me – This song makes me pretty happy whenever I listen to it. It definitely is one of those songs that can boost my mood in a second and I listen to if I’m starting to feel down. This song could also fall under the experiences category because I think one of the other reasons it makes me happy is because my stepdad told me when he was younger, him and his friends would play video games online and sing this as they beat their opponents and I thought that was pretty funny. (Psychology)

3. “Proud to be an American” (3:40) by Lee Greenwood from American Patriot

Description of song – This is a very patriotic song. It has an upbeat tone to it, and people do usually sing along to it, to also show how proud they are to live in America. The musical pauses between certain lines, really emphasize those lines as they are also sung slower for more emphasis than other lines, especially “God bless the U.S.A.”

Personal meaning of song – The artist singing this song describes how lucky he feels and proud he is to be ling in the U.S.A. He’s proud our “flag stands for freedom, and they can’t take that away.”

Explanation of what the song shows about me – This song encompasses the American culture and how people are proud of their American culture, tradition and patriotism. I remember hearing it during almost every 4th of July and the song really emphasizes what it means to be an American. (Experiences // Cultural)

4. “Wildest Dreams” (3:40) by Taylor Swift from 1989

Description of song – This is a Pop song that sounds mysterious and romantic to me. This song has a very calm tone and beat and is almost mesmerizing.

Personal meaning of song – This song describes how Taylor thinks whenever she goes into a relationship. She goes into it hoping if it ends, it ends well. This song is her realizing if it ends, it ends for a reason, instead of going into a relationship expecting this person to be “the one.” She also describes how she hopes if a relationship ends, the person still remembers her in a good light. For example, in the song she says “Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset.”

Explanation of what the song shows about me – Society influences gender roles, which may be one of the reasons most of Taylor Swift’s following is female. Society could also have a lot to do with why I like her and Taylor Swift and her music so much (Society // Textual).

5. “Aquaman” (3:59) by Walk the Moon from Talking is Hard

Description of song – This song has a really happy, upbeat tone and is very reminiscent of 80s music. I think of this as being a song you would blast out of the speakers of your car while singing along to it on a sunny day.

Personal meaning of song – This band named this song after the DC comics’ superhero, “Aquaman” due to the fact it has the ability to survive under great pressure and very cold temperatures underwater. He uses this as a metaphor to describe the way he’s feeling about a person he loves, and references the ocean/water throughout the song. For example, a few water related metaphors the band uses is “You’ll never find it wearin’ a life vest,” “Just keep holding on, holding on to me, under, under the top of, the surface of the sea,” and a number more.

Explanation of what the song shows about me– I’ve liked this band a lot ever since 2012 when my brother first showed them to me after meeting them at a concert. I love this type of indie/alternative rock music that has a happy tone and listened to all of their songs many times. (Experience // Psychology)


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