Exposing ALL 36 of my Twitter Drafts

Everything I was too scared to post to Twitter at the time… (over a year’s worth of my random thoughts)

1. “You can’t get struck by lighting if you’re not standing in the rain” (Vance Joy lyric)

2. I’ve lived in my apartment for almost six months and I just now realized the mirror in my bathroom opens as a medicine cabinet

3. I will never understand why people with iced drinks alwayssss shake their cup continuously to make noise, I just don’t get it

4. Always stuck trying to find the balance between taking life seriously and having fun

5. Why do men think it’s okay to constantly dismiss women’s feelings?
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Spring Maryland Home and Garden Show attracts visitors and exhibitors

By Bailey Hendricks

385 words

The Maryland Home and Garden Show kicked off its spring show on March 4 by attracting a crowd of visitors and exhibitors.

In addition to the home and garden part of the show – where visitors could purchase anything from a power wash service for their house, to a new Jacuzzi, to a number of plants –  the event at the Maryland State Fairgrounds also held a craft show located in the Exhibition Hall of the fairgrounds.

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A letter to myself after finishing my first year of college

As my freshman year of college comes to an end, I’m in a nostalgic, reflective state of mind. Oh boy, the highs were high, and the lows were so, so low.

Bailey, stop pushing people out of your life. Continue to work on breaking down the wall
day i signed up to go to towsonthat you’ve built up around your heart. You need to be more willing to open yourself up to people, even if it makes you anxious. There are people who really value the time they spend with you, you just need to open yourself up to them.

Stop creating limits and boundaries for yourself. The world is a scary place, but you can and you will conquer it. Look how far you’ve come already. Work on being more confident in your abilities. College can be intimidating, but you’ve received a handful of As in your first year of college! Congratulations!

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Thanks, Papa: A Reflective Essay Regarding Race Relations

By: Bailey Hendricks, February 2017

I was born and raised in a county in Maryland known for its abundance of farm land and flannel wearing- tractor-riding folk. In school, I wasn’t exposed to very much diversity other than the one black person in my grade and the one history lesson we learned each year about Martin Luther King Junior to answer kids’ questions about why we didn’t have school the next day. The diversity and differing culture I was exposed to, however, came from my own home. My mom married an Indian man named Savio in the summer of 2007.

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